Pre-Charge investigations

When you find yourself in trouble with the law, you may not know where to turn. Protect yourself before it is too late when you use the services from The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC. I serve as a pre-charge investigation lawyer in Portland, OR, for clients dealing with a number of situations. Use my criminal defense services for your pre-charge representation today.

Do You Need Pre-Charge Representation?

If I had to give one and only one piece of advice it would be this: do not talk to the police, DEA, FBI, IRS, DOJ, HSI, or ICE without having a lawyer present. If I could give one more piece of advice it would be: don’t wait until you are arrested to hire an attorney.

Many criminal cases in which I am involved have their genesis in a pre-criminal charge agency investigation. Perhaps the IRS is asking about your tax returns or your payroll reporting. Perhaps a search warrant has been served at your home or business. Sometimes regulatory agencies like the FDIC or the EPA send you a letter requesting records or a meeting.

Make no mistake: when a federal or state agent invites you in, serves a warrant, or simply knocks on your door to ask you a “few questions,” you are likely the target of a civil-penalty or criminal investigation. Even if you are told “this is a civil matter,” the reality is that anything you say, or any evidence you provide to the investigators can likely be used against you in a subsequent criminal or civil prosecution. Timely consultation with an experienced attorney can help you to carefully navigate these pre-charge investigations and decide whether and under what terms you may be able to cooperate the agency involved.


Contact me, Andrew M Kohlmetz, to use my services for your pre-charge representation. I work with clients under investigation in Portland, Oregon, and throughout the state.