Drug Crimes

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Changing Drug Regulations

For many years the trend in federal court had been to reduce the number of non-violent drug cases charged in federal court. At the same time, the penalties for such non-violent drug cases were also being reduced.

That trend appears to be over. Recent developments at the United States Department of Justice along with recent statements from the Trump administration indicate a return to the failed Nixonian-era war on drugs. US Attorneys must now seek the most aggressive charges with the highest mandatory minimum sentence the law allows in prosecuting even non-violent federal drug crimes. This is exacerbated in federal drug conspiracy cases where even the smallest player is held responsible for massive quantities of drugs dealt by the kingpins. Federal protections, and a look-the-other-way policy towards state laws authorizing both the medical and recreational use of marijuana have been stripped. The current Attorney General has stated unequivocally that he believes that folks who use marijuana are criminals and should be prosecuted.

Many federal drug laws still have draconian mandatory minimum sentences attached to them. These sentences of 5, 10, 25 years or even life in prison are typically triggered by such factors as the amount of drugs involved in the case, whether firearms were present or used, whether someone was hurt or even killed as a result of the offense, and whether or not you have a prior criminal record – even from years in the past.

Cases Related to Federal Drug Crimes

Federal drug cases are far more complex than their state court counterparts. They are almost always large multi-defendant conspiracies that cover vast geographical areas and periods of years. Very often they are in part based on thousands of hours of recorded cell phone texts and conversations that were intercepted under a particular type of warrant. Vigorous use of electronic and physical surveillance, search, seizure and administrative warrants also often result in significant financial investigations and money-laundering charges. When defending federal drug cases I always require the presence of a defense investigator to assist me in the preparation of the client’s defense. Oftentimes, and as each case demands, other experts and/or consultants may be required to join the defense team.


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