Major Theft

Are you facing serious charges related to theft or embezzlement? Receive the right guidance when you turn to a major theft lawyer in Portland, OR, at The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC. As your embezzlement lawyer, I offer a series of criminal defense services for clients throughout the state.

Your Theft-Related Charges

Major theft-related offenses are those that involve charges like burglary, embezzlement, elder-abuse, or fraud. Burglary is a very broad term under Oregon law. While most people think burglary is breaking into someone’s home to steal something, entering or remaining in any building with only the intent to commit any crime qualifies as burglary. Many misdemeanor charges can be converted into felony burglary charges simply based upon the location in which they occur.

Other major theft cases typically involve the transfer of large sums of money or assets by a person alleged to have had a special relationship to the alleged victim, such as a trusted employee or a guardian. Major theft-related offenses, like burglary, can be class A felonies requiring mandatory minimum prison sentences if convicted. Oregon’s repeat property offender laws quickly transform what would otherwise be relatively minor offenses into high stakes major felonies. Major theft defense almost always requires a vigorous defense investigation, sharp legal analysis and sometimes calls for the assistance of experts.


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