State Defense Overview

Oregon state is home to its own set of complex laws and regulations. If you find yourself charged with any state offenses, turn to The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC for support. As your state criminal defense lawyer in Portland, OR, I offer a variety of services for clients. Schedule a consultation with an Oregon criminal defense attorney for your case today.

Your State Attorney

Since 1997, I have I have represented people charged with felony crimes in Oregon state courts.

While state court cases may not be as complex or time consuming as their federal counterparts, they are often just as serious. Moreover, state court criminal cases suffer from their own sets of circumstances that make it imperative that the client hires a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney with the time and resources necessary to devote to the client’s matter.

The state court criminal justice system is broken. It is severely underfunded and overcrowded with more than 32,000 felony cases charged every year handled by approximately 200 judges. Too many cases are processed too fast. I call it the sausage grinder, as there are simply too few judges, with too few resources to ensure every defendant gets a fair shake.

Strict state court guidelines direct that serious felonies be “processed” within 120 days of the initial court appearance (150 days for some particularly egregious cases). If you have been charged with a major state felony In Oregon, it is important that you retain an attorney with the knowledge and experience to make you and your case the exception: to highlight you as a person and not just another file that is clogging the desk of the local judge or prosecutor. Given the unreasonable timeframes involved, time is of the essence.

At my firm, I offer a series of services for clients throughout Oregon. Turn to me for your state court case involving a mandatory minimum sentence [link to measure 11] or any of the following:


Possession of Child Pornography 

Criminally Negligent Homicide 

Vehicular Homicide

First or Second-Degree Assault 

State Drug Charges 

Felony Burglary Charges


Contact me, Andrew M Kohlmetz, for representation with your state case. I offer my services for clients in Portland, Oregon, and throughout the state.