State Drug Crimes

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State Standards on Charges

Most minor drug crimes such as possession of personal use amounts are no longer prosecuted as felonies. Many mid-level drug offenses – those not involving substantial quantities or other aggravating circumstances – are diverted into specialty community or drug-courts that focus on quick pleas of guilty in exchange for no jail and court-monitored treatment. Many of the drug cases left to full felony prosecution in Oregon are those that are alleged to involve large quantities of narcotics, those that occur in protected areas, including locations within 1,000 feet of a school, those considered to be “commercial” drug offenses, those resulting in injury or death, or multi-defendant conspiracy cases.

Oregon has taken an aggressive approach to the prosecution and incarceration of the more serious drug-cases remaining in the system. Various sentencing laws call for a range of mandatory minimum prison sentences depending primarily on the type and amount of the drugs involved. Sentences are also increased for folks with prior convictions. Defending these serious state drug charges often involves a mix of sharp defense investigation and heavy legal analysis.

Many drug cases are subject to pre-trial litigation through motions to suppress evidence. An experienced defense team is an invaluable asset that should be brought to bear as early as possible in your case. Significant issues in search and seizure involving both search warrants and warrantless searches arise frequently. The use of confidential informants as well as technological snooping – like phone taps are often at issue as well.


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