Opioids and Len Bias cases

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A Changing Opioid Policy

The opioid epidemic has spurred President Trump to call for the death penalty for high intensity drug traffickers. US Attorney Jeff Sessions has directed that the DOJ make the prosecution of opiate cases – except those involving the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the epidemic – a priority.

Most opiate cases in Oregon involve either black tar heroin or oxycodone/oxycontin pills. Increasingly, we are also seeing prosecutions involving fentanyl as well as a variety of “designer” opiate analogues.

What is Len Bias Law?

Len Bias was a University of Maryland basketball player who was picked second overall in the 1986 NBA draft. Shortly after being selected by the Boston Celtics, he died of a cocaine overdose. As a result of his death, Congress passed what has become known since as the Len Bias law, a regulation that mandates a 20 year to life prison sentence for anyone convicted in the chain of drug distribution that has led to a death or serious physical injury. Oregon leads the nation in the number of Len Bias prosecutions and aggressively pursues every case in which there is a resulting over-dose death or serious injury.

Like all federal drug cases, a wide variety legal issues – primarily around the legality of searches and seizure both warrantless and under a search warrant, the use of wire and phone taps, informants and other surveillance techniques must be analyzed in conjunction with a thorough factual defense investigation. Forensic expert assistance may be needed in cases where analogue, counterfeit or designer substances are involved. In Len Bias cases where a death or serious injury is alleged to have resulted, medical expert consultation is often a necessity.


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