Bank/Wire Fraud

Money is often at the heart of many criminal offenses. At The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC, I offer services as a mail, wire, and bank fraud lawyer in Portland, OR. If you find yourself facing federal mail fraud, turn to me for criminal defense services for your specific situation. Schedule a consultation with me to discuss your legal needs.

Facing Fraud Charges

Any fraud involving federally insured banks, or fraud that is in any way conducted over electronic means or through the postal system can be brought in federal court. These cases are often charged as conspiracies.

Any attempt to defraud someone of anything of value that in any way touches on the internet or the US Mail can be charged in federal court. Financial fraud cases are usually sophisticated and complex. Even if they are brought in state court, they are often handled by the state Department of Justice, rather than the local district attorney’s office. In federal court these cases are often handled or supervised by federal Department of Justice attorneys based in Washington D.C.

Retain an Attorney for Your Case

These federal mail, bank, and wire fraud cases very often are preceded by an extensive pre-charge investigation, often conducted by civil regulatory agencies like the FDIC. Clients can be placed at a significant disadvantage if they choose to proceed through a civil regulatory agency investigation without being represented by an attorney. Retaining an experienced attorney at the first sign of a regulatory or criminal financial investigation is almost always a wise choice. Financial cases will routinely involve a private investigator and routinely involve independent defense experts for financial analyses and consultation.


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