Conspiracy is one of the most common criminal charges in federal court. It is also one of the most complicated and most misunderstood federal criminal charges. If you find yourself facing charges, schedule a consultation with The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC. I serve as a federal conspiracy defense lawyer in Portland, OR, for clients throughout the state. Utilize my criminal defense services for your federal conspiracy charges for the top possible outcome for your case.

What is a Conspiracy?

A “conspiracy” is simply an agreement between one or more persons to commit a crime. The crime of conspiracy is only the making of the agreement itself. The conspirators do not have to commit the agreed upon crime to be charged.

By charging a group of people as a conspiracy, rather than individually, the government puts the client and the defense at an initial and great disadvantage. For example, the statements of all other “co-conspirators,” even if they are not charged criminally, can be admitted into evidence against you. Similarly, the crimes and acts committed by other conspirators within the scope of the conspiracy can also be admitted into evidence against you – even if you had nothing to do with them! One conspirator can be held responsible for the conduct of all other conspirators acting within the scope of the conspiracy. That means if you are charged in a conspiracy case, you can be held responsible for the actions of other people.

Many clients often find themselves charged in conspiracies involving people, places, and actions of which they have no knowledge. Any federal crime can be charged as conspiracy, and most conspiracy cases in Oregon involve drug charges. Financial and white-collar crimes are also favorite conspiracy charge predicates. Most conspiracy cases will require the attention of an experienced defense team of attorneys, licensed investigators, paralegals and one or more experts. If you are charged with a conspiracy in federal court, it is imperative that the federal conspiracy defense lawyer you retain has the experience, resources, professional connections, and time available and necessary to devote to your case.


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