Federal Defense Overview

Receive the right representation when you work with The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz, LLC. For more than 15 years, I have served as a federal defense lawyer in Portland, OR. My services are designed for clients facing severe charges in state court. Schedule a consultation with me today to retain a federal criminal defense attorney for your situation.

Your State Case

Most federal criminal cases in Oregon are prosecuted in Portland. Federal criminal charges are also prosecuted in Eugene, Medford and Pendleton. Federal criminal cases are generally more serious and complex than their state-court counterparts.

“Don’t make a federal case out of it!” is a phrase we often hear in a joking response to someone blowing something out of proportion. However, being charged with a crime in federal court is no joke. The almost limitless resources of the federal government are brought to bear against the unfortunate client. Federal cases can take years, rather than months to resolve.

My clients often ask why their case “went federal.” The answer is always different, but federal criminal cases often involve facts, people, or conduct from more than one state – or even other countries. State court cases in Oregon are usually brought by individual counties (there are some exceptions.) These counties do not have the resources and tools to prosecute criminal cases that extend beyond the county line. Some federal charges may involve federal property, or institutions or items that are insured or regulated by the federal government.

Federal vs. State Crimes

Federal criminal cases are prosecuted in different courts and under different rules than state criminal cases. They often take longer and require much more work than similar state cases. The federal rules in criminal cases are designed specifically to discourage clients from going to trial and rewarding those who plead guilty, particularly those who do so quickly. Because federal criminal defense is so different than state criminal defense, it is imperative that you retain an attorney who practices regularly in federal court. Consult with me for every legal situation, including the following:

Federal Conspiracy Charges 

Federal Mail Fraud

Federal Child Pornography Charges 

Federal Drug Crimes 

Len Bias Law Cases


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